Many people come into counseling when a particular event has occurred in their life and they need support to make sense of how this has impacted them. Many others walk through my door feeling generally dissatisfied within themselves and feeling troubled in some way. Counselling is extremely helpful in these circumstances. We are not who we are without reason and while your feelings, mood or thoughts might not make sense to you, counselling can help you understand where they come from and in turn help you to move forward with your life.

The issues I work with  include anxiety, depression, low self esteem and confidence, addiction, eating disorders, food related issues, self harm, abuse (physical, emotional and sexual), childhood trauma, relationship issues, family issues, bereavement and loss, work related stress, anger, sexual identity issues and general unease and dissatisfaction with life.

The issues I work with are listed on this page however, I encourage you not to feel disillusioned if you can not see your concern among the ones named. Often people are unsure what is bothering them and by coming to counselling,  you can start to better understand what is going on for you.